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What Is Road Brine?

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

In many parts of the country, the winter season brings snow, ice. and brutally cold weather. When frozen precipitation such as snow and ice build up on roadways, they become slick and rather unsafe. In order to prevent and manage slick road conditions mixtures of salts are often applied. These coarse salt crystals or rock salts dissolve in ice, melting ice and snow. These crystals can fly up especially on highways and chip painted surfaces on your automobile. Pure water has a freezing temperature of 32 degrees F. as these salt crystals dissolve, the freezing temperature decreases, requiring much colder temps to turn into ice. The exact temperature depends on the brine mix. Sodium Chloride and Calcium chloride are the most common ingredients.

There are a few ways to protect your vehicle from harmful chemicals and rock chips from winter driving. Here at Apex Detail, we offer Stek PPF paint protection film to guard your paint from stone chips and minor bumps and bruises. STEK is revolutionizing the Paint Protection Film industry by producing highly advanced film technologies designed to protect the most advanced vehicles. With leading Hydrophobic and Self Healing top-coat technology and extreme gloss factor, STEK offers a film for each driver's style to keep your vehicle a beautifully protected staple of your personality. In addition to protective films, we can protect your ride with Polysilazane coatings. The coatings have a higher temperature and abrasion resistance. We can coat absolutely EVERY material outside as well as inside of your vehicle. This will ensure superior UVA, UVB protection, Chemical resistance, and unappareled gloss and shine.

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