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Apex Detail!!!

Apex Detail is Pennsylvania's premier (PPF) Paint Protection Film, Window Tint and Ceramic Coating shop. With customers up and down the East Coast, we can cater to any and all paint protection needs. 



Contact us for interior protection package prices!!


WE can protect the delicate materials in your interior for as long as you own it!

We are also certified paint coating specialists! Our packages as follows.

3 Year Ceramic Coating Package: $1075.00

5 Year Ceramic Coating Package; $1275.00

8 Year Ceramic Coating Package; $1500.00

Lifetime Coating Package; $1800.00

Packages Include warranty and maintenance program.

We are also certified PPF specialists! Our packages as follows.

Paint Protection Film packages can be customized and tailored to fit your needs. Contact us for details at 484 855 8700 or stop by in person! We would love to meet you!! 

Paint Protection Film for bumper $500 +

Paint Protection Film for bumper and hood $1099.00 +

Paint Protection Film for bumper, fenders, hood (front clip) $2200 +

We can also add mirrors, lower rocker panels, doors and more for additional price. 

Add a ceramic coating to the package for the rest of the car at a discount!!!! Call for details!!

We can customize any of these packages to fit your needs or budget. 

As for all areas we service...our location protects vehicles from up and down the east coast USA. Although we are located in Eastern Pennsylvania, we have cherished customers from Mass, Maine, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and a few more. We can set you up with enclosed transportation to get your vehicle safely and in a timely manner. Accommodations are near by and can be recommended. Rental fleets are nearby. Our local customers are in and within the Berks County area. Including Lehigh county, Bucks County, Chester County, Montgomery County, Lancaster County, and Lebanon County. We offer pick up and drop off in these areas....Wernersville, Wyomissing, Reading, West Reading, Boyertown, Pottstown, Shillington, Douglasville, And anyone within a 30 mile radius. 


Apex Detail is your Premier PPF paint protection film, Ceramic Coating, And Paint correction Specialist in Pennsylvania. Our Highly trained and certified installers love what they do and await your vehicle to keep it looking better than new and fully protected with STEK protective films and our proprietary Polysilazane coating that is second to none with high temperature and abrasion Threshold.  

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Contact us Or visit our location for exterior protection package prices!!


We can protect every material found on the exterior of your vehicle!!

It all starts with a thorough wash (snow foam, fallout remover, traffic film remover)

- Clay bar (for removing fallout, and bonded contaminates)

- Scratch removal and repair

- Swirl removal

- Oxidation removal

- Overspray removal

- Hard water spot removal

- The best clear coat protection available

- Paint Protection Film is the ULTIMATE form of protection!

- Coatings (Our metal Oxide Coating is second to NONE!!)

 Automobiles can be an expensive investment. Protect and preserve them with PPF paint protection film. We have tested many films and have chosen STEK DYNOshield as our featured protective film. We use STEK to guard bumpers, hoods, rocker panels, doors, and mirrors from devastating rock chips and stone chips. We offer packages ranging from front bumper coverage to full body protection. Our track package includes the entire front clip (bumper, fenders, hood, headlights, mirrors, rocker panel area) and happens to be the most popular protection package. We also offer a change of appearance for your ride. DYNOmatte will give any color a stealth look. DYNO might for commercial and utility vehicles for extra protection. We also can completely change the color with pigmented PPF. DYNOred, Dynoblack, DYNOgray, DYNOpurple to name a few will give your vehicle a unique look. 

We offer COSMETIC films including Matte (Stealth), Carbon Fiber and much more!!

Window tinting available at Apex Detail!! We are a full service window tinting company located right in downtown Wernersville, PA specializing in Automotive, Residential,  and Commercial window tinting.  We offer computer cut window film service and work with a variety of materials to help achieve any look you may desire.  We service the Lehigh Valley, Reading, Wyomissing, Berks County, Pottsville, Harrisburg and Lebanon with the best prices on window tinting.  We provide solutions for blocking heat, adding privacy, blocking UV rays that contribute to fading.   

  We choose STEK PPF Protective films for their robust damage resistance with innovative top-coating technologies. The DYNOseries provides long lasting protection and a better than showroom shine. The film effectively guards your cherished vehicle from rock chips, stone chips, bug splatter stains, winter road salts, and many other road hazards. the film is self-healing eliminating light scratches and swirls almost instantly. The films we choose to protect your car, truck or motorcycle offer unbeatable style as well as unparalleled performance. 


  From the daily driver to the show car and super car, there is a place for protective film in all categories. We specialize in protecting vehicles such as C8 Corvettes, Tesla all models, all EV vehicles, Porsches, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover, Jaguar, Rivian, Lucid, Audi, Maserati, Mazda, Charger, ford, Lexus, Mustang, Cadillac, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, McLaren......Let's just say if it has wheels, we can protect it. 

Why PPF? Today's car paint systems are transitioning from solvent based clear coat to water borne clear. This finish cures thinner and softer than traditional finishes. This translates to the paint chipping and scratching. The painted finish on your automobile can be the most expensive part of the process. So, do manufacturers cheap out on automotive finishes? ABSOLUTELY! Paint protection film has a thickness of between 8 to 11 mills...compared to just a few microns from a ceramic coating. Choose PPF to protect vulnerable areas on your automobile from chipping paint or minor bumps and bruises. Choose Apex Detail as your team to protect your ride. Highly trained, fully insured and CERTIFIED installers await your orders! Call for free quote or stop by and meet our staff and see our facilities and take advantage of our free estimate program. 

Stek Paint Protection Film CERTIFIED!! Protect your ride from rock chips!!!

- Scratches, swirls, haze, oxidation removal or any paint correction services priced accordingly


Extra Detail Services

Your protective coating and paint protection film headquarters Provides...

3 Certified PAINT PROTECTION FILM installers on site!

Polysilazane HIGH temp, HIGH abrasion threshold Coatings!! 

Call for coating products and details as I add the top products frequently.

Coating package prices are based on case by case situations. Stop by for free estimate and details!

Apex Surface Protection Polysilazane Coatings!!

IDA (International Detailers Association member)

Glassparency windshield coating certified installer!!

Call or stop in for free estimate!!

We are an eco-friendly shop! No run-off. (Dry vapor clean) No VOC chemicals used!!

Apex Detail is your surface protection specialist headquarters!! Protection for EVERY material found in and around your vehicle!!

Apex Detail is your premier location in Eastern Pa. for PPF Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coatings, Window Tint and paint correction. PPF paint protection film is your best line of defense from stone Chips, rock chips, Road Grime, Bug splatter, Tree sap, Opened car doors into yours. Ceramic Coatings will give you the highest possible gloss, chemical resistance, Coatings are a barrier that guards your paint, glass, and wheels as well as interior materials as well. Paint correction will completely restore the finish of your vehicle removing scratches, swirls, etching, staining, and oxidation. 

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Located in Wernersville Pa. We offer 20+ years experience in paint correction, protection, and reflection that cannot be matched. Operated in a clean, professional atmosphere. Let us pamper your car with the most professional chemical line up a detail shop can provide. Paint protection film and ceramic coatings are our specialty!!! A recognized and certified protective coating specialist!!!

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500 B East Penn Ave.

Wernersville Pa. 19565

Phone; 484-855-8700


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            Hours of Operation

Mon: 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.

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