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Coatings....not just for paint!!

When you hear ceramic coatings being advertised, most commonly, you probably think of protection for painted surfaces. Yes, to most, the soft clear coat on automotive finishes is first to be coated and protected. At Apex Detail PPF/Ceramic Coatings, We use our proprietary Polysilazane blend to coat and protect automotive finishes. Automobiles, buildings, and infrastructure all require long-lasting surface protection against weathering, corrosion, heat, and abrasion. Thus, having robust protective coatings is crucial for preserving their value and reducing maintenance cost and down time. While polyurethanes and epoxies are the conventional solutions for protective coatings, fluoropolymers and Si-containing polymers have attracted a considerable amount of attention because of their excellent performance in chemical resistance, heat stability, or surface hardness. Among them, polysilazanes have emerged as an outstanding binder material for high-temperature, weather-proof, and abrasion-resistant coatings.

When the clear coat is fully protected, it would be wise to consider other ways to emjoy the protection ceramics can provide. We also offer glass coatings. Coatings for glass are formulated to have a strong bond to glass surfaces. They are slightly different than coatings for clear coat but can be just as important. Glass coatings are a great way to repel and shed water as you travel through rain storms and showers. They keep the windshield cleaner much longer and also make the cleaning process very easy. Snow and ice can easily glide and slide off the windshield and bug splatter is much easier to manage.

We also offer coatings for leather and vinyl. Although modern leather has a protective topcoat from factory, it is very thin and vulnerable. Our Leather coatings can protect from the sun's harmful rays, protect against spills, and also clothing transfer. If you ever wondered why your vegan white leather seats are turning blue, well, it is from your Blue Geans! Coatings made specifically for leather are pliable and move with the leather. They also cure looking natural and not glossy as well as not masking the natural leather scent and replacing it with a strong chemical scent. The leather looks and feels natural.

Interior protection does not stop there however! The plastic trim that door panels have as materials along with the dash and other trim can be coated and protected from heat and the sun's harmful rays. Black piano finish trim, polished aluminum, chrome, wood, and any trim available in car interiors can be coated and protected. Carpeting can also be coated and protected from spills and staining.

Besides interior materials, Wheels have their own designated coating. At Apex Detail PPF/Ceramic Coating near me, we offer a track grade coating for wheels. This industrial strength coating can survive high temperature spikes. Your wheels are the closest thing to the pavement and go through lots of abuse on a daily basis. We coat wheels and calipers as part of our packages.

We also offer undercarriage protection which is a two-layer system. So as you now realize, there ae coatings for every substrate on your vehicle. We can protect your cherished ride from bumper to to bottom. Call for a free quote. We can customize a package just for you.

Apex Auto Detail PPF/Ceramic Coating

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