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Ceramic Coating Near Me!!!!

Are you in need of a highly trained, certified, professional, reliable auto detailer to properly prep, apply, and cure the best available ceramic coating on the market? If so. reach out to Apex Detail PPF/Ceramic Coatings in Wernersville Pa. Our Industrial grade coating will leave the paint work of your car, truck, or motorcycle looking like a mirror and feeling like silk.

Tesla, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Corvette Club owners already know the value of our services. Over 30 years of working with automotive finishes as well as certifications and never-ending training gives you piece of mind that only the most qualified individuals will make contact while caring for your automobile. We have chosen only the best ceramic coatings and PPF Paint Protection Film for our protection packages and we have been around long enough to have tried practically all of them compared to other local shops.

A coating is applied to your car not only for appearance. But for chemical resistance, Temperature and abrasion threshold, and for its self-cleaning properties.

Advantages of choosing Apex Auto Detailing PPF/Ceramic Coatings Wernersville Pa.

  1. UNRIVALED GLOSS.... Gloss, depth and crisp reflections are what you should expect from our Polysilazane coatings. The reflections from the paint work will be mirror like. This gloss will continue for as long as you own your vehicle.

  2. UNRIVALED PROTECTION... Polysilazanes are excellent coating materials, because of their self-crosslinking in air at low temperatures, high chemical and thermal stability, elevated hardness, and excellent adhesion to many different substrates. The strengths of this coating as well as all characteristics cannot be matched by any version in my immediate area.

  3. SELF CLEANING PROPERTIES.... This term is used because of the coatings abilities to shed water and dirt. Contaminates cannot bond to a surface coated with Polysilazane. Therefore, your cleaning process will be quick and easy. Just use a PH neutral shampoo.

  4. UNRIVALED WARRANTY..... Most companies offer an outlandish warranty. But have you ever made a claim to test it? Good luck with that process and any progress you might want to make. At Apex Auto Detail....our Warranty and Maintenance program only leave you with the wash process to worry about. We take care of the rest leaving you more time to enjoy your cherished ride than working on it.

  5. INCONVENIENCE FREE....At Apex Detail, we provide transportation to and from your vehicle. If you want your new ride delivered in enclosed transportation, we can provide that as well. We will schedule based apon YOUR schedule....not ours. Payment is easy and hassle free and customer service second to none.

Unlike other local detailers, rest assured all painted surfaces will be coated during the process, not just easy to reach exposed panels. We protect door jams, under the hood, trunk, inside gas cap. We also protect your wheels with a track grade coating with high temperature threshold. Plastic trim is also coated and protected. Glass and plastics are coated. All interior materials can also be protected upon request.

We do not have a "pay to play" google review system here. All of our reviews are organic and unsolicited. Our customers become part of the large APEX family up and down the eastern seaboard. We have customers from Maine to Florida and they all are return customers as well. This Isle of Mann green BMW M3 Competition was shipped to us from Florida in an enclosed trailer. We protected it bumper to bumper, top to bottom. Then sent it back to Florida in another enclosed trailer. Here is the footage...

Do not be fooled by a shop only in business just a few years. Stop by to take advantage of our free quote program and see the passion, experience and professionalism we offer in person.

Apex Auto Detail PPF/Ceramic Coating

500 East Penn Ave.

Wernersville Pa. 19565


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