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What Is Amenable Paint Correction?

Paint Correction can mean many things. It can describe a paint enhancement, one step correction, multi-step correction, rock chip repair, oxidation removal and much more. Just a few short years ago multi step corrections were a huge percentage of the work needed before protection in our area. Those were the good ole days when automotive paint systems had more quantity and quality levels of clear coat. Today's newer vehicles have softer, thinner clear coat.

Here at Apex Detail, we have the proper training and equipment to safely and responsibly restore painted surfaces on newer cars, trucks, and motorcycles. It is recommended, that the color coat on your vehicle is protected with at least 2 mils of clear coat. Unfortunately, manufacturers are falling short of that benchmark. With less clear coat to spare and work with, only experienced professionals should take charge of machining the surface of your vehicle. Do your research to find the right specialist to touch your cherished ride. Here at Apex Detail, we have 3 certified technicians with years of experience.

The ultimate goal is to restore paint while leaving as much clear coat behind as possible. We have tools and instruments to assist us in keeping track of clear coat removed. And that is in fact what is happening during paint correction. We are shaving troubled layers of clear to remove defects. There comes a point when the line is drawn, and expectations need to be curbed for the sake of preserving the integrity or your clear coat. We have the best interest of your auto in mind, not an overblow ego. We also have the knowledge of what surfaces we work on the make the right decisions to preserve automotive finishes.

We love what we do and put a lot of resources into training and education into the materials we work on and work with. Feel free to reach out to Apex Auto Detail PPF/Ceramic Coatings, Wernersville PA. 19565, 484.855.8700


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