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Protect Your Corvette C8 Before You Drive It!! (PPF) Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coatings.

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

The first rock chip in you fresh C8 Corvette's Painted finish is gut wrenching and can be prevented. Regular customers of Apex Detail, Wernersville Pa. know to deliver their new car to the shop for protection before recording the first mile driven in your new ride. It is never too late, however, it only takes a short ride to inflict minor bumps and bruises. At Apex Detail PPF/Ceramic Coatings...we can protect your chariot bumper to to bottom.

It all starts with a wash with Apex Auto Shampoo. A frothy shampoo that gently cleans all surfaces, including wheels and wheel wells. Next, if needed a ferrous metal remover will decontaminate the surface of rail dust from the shipping dust. The next step if needed is to remove bonded contaminates with a mild clay bar or pad. This is followed by a panel prep to remove any residue from previous steps and strip any possible protectants left on the surface. We have never taken delivery of a new vehicle that did not need some type of paint correction. Small defects from the shipping process or reckless wash process at your local dealership are now removed. For the most part a paint enhancement or one step correction is needed to perfect the paint. In some cases, a multi-step correction is needed to remove heavy scratches or swirls. Perfection is subjective and in the eye of the beholder, however with swirl finder lighting, a paint depth gauge and gloss meters, we carefully and responsibly dial in the gloss and crisp reflection on all painted finishes.

After correction, we grab the panel prep yet again to remove any polish or correction residue. If in the budget, a wheels off service is included. we then pull the wheels, detail the wheel arches and wheels front to back and coat them with a track grade, high temp wheel and industrial Polisilazane coating. We also have an undercarriage protection package available. A two-layer system to protect metals from oxidation. Mother nature can be cruel in some areas. We can counter that fact.

When it comes to protecting painted surfaces, PPF paint protection film combined with our polysilazane (high temp and abrasion threshold) coating cannot NOT be matched. The PPF is the first to go down. We use the best. STEK DYNOshield is the first line of defense and bonds to the paint with a tenacious adhesive layer. DYNOshield will guard your paint from rock chips and stone chips as well as minor scratching. STEK has a self-healing and hydrophobic coating layer. Depending on how much of your car you want protected with film, we can combine it with our Polysilazane coating and customize a package for you. You can protect just the front bumper, bumper and hood, Front clip (bumper, hood, fenders, headlights) Track package that includes front clip plus lower rocker panels and doors. Add the doors for a 3/4 body wrap. Or go for the FULL BODY package and protect bumper to bumper with PPF.

After the PPF comes the Polysilazane Coating. This coating is second to none when it comes to sheer gloss, crisp reflections, and depth to your paint work. Our coating has top shelf chemical resistance. No coating available today is completely impervious, but our coating fights off what mother nature dishes out. It also has excellent UVA, UVB inhibitors. We will coat paint work, mirrors, plastic trim to keep them from oxidating. Absolutely all hard surfaces are protected including door jams, under the hood, in trunk or hatch area. A Corvette, especially a convertible, has many hidden areas to be coated and protected that other shops fail to find and prep. Our coating is a two-layer system consisting of a base layer and a topcoat. The base layer is the foundation and the strength of the system. The topcoat is the hydrophobic/gloss/slickness layer giving your paint work an unbelievable look.

To bring this to a conclusion...we recommend protecting your new vehicle before mile ONE! however, it is never too late to preserve all finishes on your cherished ride. Ad my trained employees await your request at Apex Detail, Wernersville Pa.

Apex Auto Detail PPF/Ceramic Coating

Wernersville Pa. 19565


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