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Dont Get Scammed With "Multi Layered" Coating Packages!

Local Detail shops boast of a multi-layer ceramic coating package that is durable enough to hold up for 8 years or more. If you hear this pitch.... run like hell! First of all if a coating needs layer apon layer to be effective, it is a subpar coating. After the first layer, sio2 starts to reject anything layered on top for the most part. A second layer, yes, does ensure proper and even coverage. But other than that is a major waste of your money.

Here at Apex Detail, we offer a top shelf Polysilazane coating to protect the exterior of your car, truck, motorcycle. One layer is efficient if applied properly. Polysilizane has a much higher temperature and abrasion threshold. Polysilazanes are pre-ceramic polymers with a silicone backbone. The oxidation and impact resistance also leaves basic Sio2 ceramic coatings in the rear-view to speak. There is a great resistance to weathering and chemicals as well. Most if not all of these characteristics are superior to our competitors "coating packages".

Polysilazane coatings also have nonstick characteristics to make cleaning super easy. It is easy to get caught up in the more is better culture here of late. However, a true superior coating will only need one layer to protect your cherished ride for years. We offer Polysilazane coatings for automotive finishes and our price point cannot be beat as our packages are time efficient with less cure time.

Apex Detail/PPF Paint Protection Film/Coatings

500 East Penn Ave.

Wernersville Pa. 19565


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